Frequently Asked Questions

Patient discomfort is the primary reason for stent complications. Current stent technology primarily utilizes stiff polymer materials that do not translate into patient comfort. Our Aguamedicina® Hydrogel is an extremely soft biomaterial that consists of nearly 90% water……this translates into superior patient comfort as compared to traditional stents.

While infection, hematuria and encrustation all surface as common problems, it is discomfort that is the far and away the most routine patient complaint. Having any stent inserted into the ureter can be uncomfortable post operatively but having a semi-rigid traditional stent vs. our soft, hydrogel stent will only amplify that. Our Aguamedicina® hydrogel stent is nearly 90% water and conforms to the irregularities found in most ureters leading to increased comfort.

Encrustation of traditional ureteral stents can occur in those left in for longer periods of time. The degree of encrustation can vary widely between patients but over time it typically leads to stone formation along the length of the stent. This stone formation can ultimately result in the need for surgical procedures to remove the encrusted stents. Our Aguamedicina® hydrogel is naturally anti-fouling which prevents encrustation and the complexities that go along with it.

It has, Q Urological’s Aguamedicina® Structural Hydrogel

Q’s proprietary structural hydrogel, which we call AguamedicinaTM, is a compliant and lubricious material that promotes patient comfort while reducing encrustation due to it’s natural antifouling qualities. These features provide benefit to both the patient and physician throughout the post-op care cycle.