This is not a hydrogel coating, the hydrogel is the stent!


Our Q Urological Aguamedicina® technology is used to produce structural 100% hydrogel urology devices.

Hydrogels are typically used as coatings, increasing surface lubricity and biocompatibility. Unfortunately, these materials do not exhibit significant mechanical characteristics.

Conversely Aguamedicina®  structural hydrogel technology provides durable, elastic raw material engineered to exceed any medical device, catheter or stent requirement.

Persistent® Ureteral Stents

When used in the urinary system, stents and catheters comprised of Aguamedicina® structural hydrogel provide an advantageous alternative.

Antifouling® performance diminishes the likelihood that bio-films and corresponding bacteria and encrustation will be exhibited.

Patient comfort is increased in part because of the very high aqueous content (typically 90%) nature of Aguamedicina® exhibiting extremely compliant and slippery characteristics, therefore unlikely to migrate due to peristalsis.

Q’s proprietary structural hydrogel, which we call AguamedicinaTM, is a compliant and lubricious material that promotes patient comfort while reducing encrustation due to it’s natural antifouling qualities. These features provide benefit to both the patient and physician throughout the post-op care cycle.