About Q

Q Urological® is focused on the development and marketing of new products and improvement of existing products in the urological field utilizing our proprietary Aguamedicina® structural hydrogel technology. These products will fill clearly defined markets needs appealing to a managed-care market that stresses low total cost and improved quality of life for patients.

Urology is an area of medicine that industry has been slow to innovate for, not keeping pace with the advancements seen in other specialties over the same period of time. Our initial product launch is focused on the ureteral stent market, one that has lacked true innovation for over 30 years. Utilizing our Aguamedicina® structural hydrogel, Q Urological® has designed stents that address patient comfort, bioburden reduction and long term encrustation. Our Aguamedicina® technology has demonstrated performance of all standard ISO 10993 bio-compatibility tests as well as real world utilization in patients which reflect clinical findings. Q Urological has regulatory clearance (510k) for both adult and pediatric ureteral stent applications.

Q Urological® is staffed by an experienced team with over 100 years combined medical device history in R&D, manufacturing, sales and marketing. Our team combines proven and qualified core competencies to provide a robust launch platform for our Urological product line.

Q’s proprietary structural hydrogel, which we call AguamedicinaTM, is a compliant and lubricious material that promotes patient comfort while reducing encrustation due to it’s natural antifouling qualities. These features provide benefit to both the patient and physician throughout the post-op care cycle.