Structural Hydrogel Ureteral Stent

Pigtail-J Anchorage
Wire form composition encapsulated standard length shape memory pigtail loop profile (KIDNEY anchorage profile) with standard length “J” bladder anchorage profile, no shaft reinforcement.

Catalogue Number Size (width, length)
NP330SJ0508 5 French, 8 cm
NP330SJ0510 5 French, 10 cm
NP330SJ0512 5 French, 12 cm
NP330SJ0514 5 French, 14 cm
NP331SJ0720 7 French, 20 cm
NP331SJ0722 7 French, 22 cm
NP331SJ0724 7 French, 24 cm
NP331SJ0726 7 French, 26 cm
NP331SJ0728 7 French, 28 cm
NP331SJ0730 7 French, 30 cm

Q’s proprietary structural hydrogel, which we call AguamedicinaTM, is a compliant and lubricious material that promotes patient comfort while reducing encrustation due to it’s natural antifouling qualities. These features provide benefit to both the patient and physician throughout the post-op care cycle.