Month: August 2018

Ureteral Stents Improving Comfort, Safety and Efficacy – Medical Plastics News

On February 19, 2014, MPN wrote an article about the AguamedicinaTM structural hydrogel ureteral stent and its advantage over current devices with emphasis on increased comfort, safety and efficacy. The article also references a Boston Children Hospital study evaluating biofilm growth and bacterial resistant properties of Q Urological AguamedicinaTM pediatric ureteral stents compared to Boston…
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Building a Better Bandage: Why Hydrogels Are the Key – Medical Plastics News

On August 12, 2013, MPN wrote an article about hydrogels and their advantages over current market products when used for various medical applications. The article highlights the hydrogel-based bandage (Hydress) developed by Alliqua, inc. and references the Aguamedicina pediatric ureteral stent developed by Q Urological. Medical Plastics News, (2013). Building a Better Bandage: Why Hydrogels…
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Q Urological prepares to bring stent to market – Boston Business Journal

On August 24, 2012, Patricia Resende of the Boston Business Journal wrote an article on the background of Q Urological and the future of the company as they prepare to bring their Aguamedicina pediatric ureteral stent to market. Boston Business Journal, (2012). Q Urological prepares to bring stent to market. [online] Available at: